About Datastreamer APIs

All the basics you need to know about Datastreamer API to Kick-Off

The Datastreamer API is organized around REST that allows authorized clients to handle all relevant product-related feature sets. Our API has predictable resource-oriented URLs, accepts form-encoded request bodies, returns JSON-encoded responses, and uses standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs.

Production APIs

Datastreamer has four primary production API types:

Search API
Our full-text search API is based on Apache Lucene and provides advanced search facilities on top of a high-quality content index. If you’re getting up and running with Datastreamer for the first time you probably want to be using our Search API. This API allows you to search for arbitrary text strings, search with complex boolean logic, use filters, and other advanced features. The results are then returned as ordinary JSON documents.

Aggregate APIs
Our Aggregation API provides high-level calculations on top of our Search API. Using Aggregations, you can power dashboards, run high-level analysis, and view significant patterns in your searches. Aggregations use the same Lucene-based logic as the search API, and results are returned as ordinary JSON documents.



API Key can be obtained by contacting Datastreamer Support or requesting it directly through our Website https://www.datastreamer.io/.

Please refer Authentication section for more details.

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