Best Practices

Up-to-Date Integration

Datastreamer API frequently enhances its core product and actively develops and enhances its endpoints. By using the newest API version, your app will have access to the latest resources. You will also be better positioned to provide a user experience consistent with what merchants will see in their Datastreamer integrated applications. To stay up to date, bookmark our changelog.

Anticipating Changes

At Datastreamer, we make a distinction between Breaking and Non-Breaking changes.

Breaking Changes

Any breaking changes listed below will always be made available in the major version of the API and will be communicated to all clients beforehand by their account managers through newsletters. Here is a list of possible Breaking Changes.

  • Removal of a field from an API response.
  • Changing the data type of a field.
  • Removal of an entire endpoint.
  • Adding a new required field to a POST/PUT body.

Non-Breaking Changes

We encourage developers to write code against our API that will not break if an endpoint begins returning additional fields. We will push these non-breaking changes to the code base without warning as part of our normal development.

  • Adding a new field to a GET response.
  • Adding a new optional field to a POST/PUT body.
  • Adding new endpoints.