Combines the text from multiple fields into a single field.


TypeSpeedPartner Type
Post-Processing ClassifierInstantDatastreamer Internal

Example Use Cases

  • Combining two dates to show a timeline.
  • Combining depth, width, and height fields into a 3-dimensional measurement.
  • Combining First Name and Last Name fields into Lastname, Firstname format to align with internal data sources.

Compatible Data Sources

As a Post-Processing operation, it can be run on any data source.


Recipe Available

View the below recipe to see it in action, and easily view how to integrate it into your own data pipeline.


This Operation allows a user to specify the destination field, source fields and any separator.

    "query": {
    "operations": [
            "name": "concat",
            "destination_path": "content.timeline",
            "parameters": {
                "fields": [
                "separator": "_"