Pipeline Regional Deployment

Deploy your Pipelines to a supported Region, supporting location-specific compliance requirements.

Regional Deployment Overview

Many rules and regulations around data processing have specifications on the regions in which the data must be processed. Datastreamer's Regional Deployment allows your Dynamic Pipeline's components to be deployed in specific regions, to meet these varied locations.

Ensuring compliance in your data processing is the responsibility of the user, however with Regional Deployment, Datastreamer provides the capability to ensure the underlying Pipeline infrastructure is supportive of your compliance requirements.

Deploying a Pipeline in a Specific Region

Regional Deployment is available in the deployment of a Pipeline. When a Pipeline is normally deployed within the Datastreamer Platform, the Pipeline brings all the required elements online in default regions (United States). With Regional Deployment, the components are brought online in the required region.

Deploying a Pipeline regionally ensures that Pipeline's data processing is occurring within that region. Pipeline management, reporting, support, alerting, or other Pipeline-supporting elements are not moved to that region.

In deploying a Pipeline to a specific region, some additional costs may be incurred in high-volume instances which require increased cross-region traffic.

Supported Regions


Regionally Deployed Pipeline Limitations

Some components, data sources, and capabilities may not be available in specific regions. This limitation may be due to partner preference, infrastructure limitations, or other elements.

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