ESG Classifier

The ESG classifier is a text-based classifier that analyses news posts and categorizes the content according to Environmental, Social or Governance related news events.


TypeSpeedPartner Type
Stream Integrated Classifier + Post ProcessingInstantDatastreamer Internal

Example Use Cases

The ESG classifier is designed to find news which deals with ESG related topics. Using the ESG classifier with company keywords or entities means that users can track ESG information for a particular company. Use it in conjunction with the sentiment classifier to determine if the news is positive or negative. For example, users can learn how involved a company is in positive environmental activities, or if there is negative news regarding a company’s leadership and governance.

Streaming Usage

Compatible Data Sources

As a stream-integrated classifier, it is run on ingestion for specific sources.

Applicable Data SourcesCompatible?
wsl_newsYes, English only
opoint_newsYes, English only


The ESG classifier is a 4-value label. The label value is one of ‘environmental’, ‘social’, ‘governance’ depending on the ESG topic; or ‘none’ if no ESG topic is detected in the post.

    "esg_inference": {
      "label": "governance",
      "confidence": 0.90

Post-Processing Usage

Compatible Data Sources

As a Post-Processing operation, it can be run on any data source.


Recipe Available

View the below recipe to see it in action, and easily view how to integrate it into your own data pipeline.


This Operation allows a user to specify the destination field, source fields, and any separator.

    "query": {
    "operations": [
            "name": "esg_inference",
            "destination_path": "operations.esg_inference",
            "parameters": {
                "language": "enrichment.language",
                "main": "content.body"