Count API

An Overview of what the Count API offers within Datastreamer

The Count API is ideal to prevent quantities and counts for search queries exceeding 10,000 results.


Integrated Sources

Count API is only available for integrated partner sources and users of Datastreamer Data Store.

Endpoint Details

/api/countPOSTCentral endpoint for Count API which enables developer to retrieve the total count of results based on the provided parameters.Live

Request Object Details

A sample request body looks like:

  "query": {
    "query": "coffee",
    "data_sources": [

Data Source and Query are extensively used within the JSON request body to filter out the results as per the requirements. Apache Lucene based syntax is used to write down the queries within the query parameter of the request body. The format and content of the query is the same as the Search API format.

Response Details

Based on the data_source provided in the request body as well as the query; the response of the Count API is the total number of documents available at the sources provided. The individual results are not provided by the Count API endpoint.

    "total": {
        "value": 267252