Getting Started

Before getting started, we recommend checking out the Pipeline Core Concepts page.

Getting Access

Getting your API key and access to the visual Pipeline construction tools is at If your organization does not have a Portal account, please register a new account. If your organization DOES have a portal account, let us know so we can add your account to it.

Within Portal, you will have a page dedicated to Secrets and Keys. This page allows you to receive your API keys. All authentication with the platform in a headless manner will require an active API key. On this page you can block, pause, or view your API keys.

Your first Pipeline

In creating your first pipeline, we suggest using the visual experience within Portal. During your POC stage, Datastreamer’s Field Product Manager team will help guide you to crafting a very effective pipeline. You can also craft your first pipelines at any time.

Within “Pipelines” you can view any active pipelines, and create new pipelines. We suggest for the first Pipeline to use the Builder visible here.

The Builder allows you to visually assemble components and hook up to sample data sources, this provides a view into how the Datastreamer platform would transform a piece of data. Behind-the-scenes a temporary pipeline is established to process these data samples. In addition to seeing how the data is structured; this allows you to design how you would like your Dynamic Pipeline to operate.

Supporting Team

We have guided customers to countless pipeline design and integrations. Your field product manager is an expert on pipeline construction, and is there to help at anytime. Just let us know!