About Operations

The Datastreamer Platform contains multiple enrichments and Operations that provide additional metadata to applicable content for easy filtering and searching.

Operations allow users to filter, enrich, expand, or transform data to match their business cases. Available operations include machine learning models, data transformation, and classification actions.


Here are the APIs that uses Operations

  • Search API
  • Aggregate API
  • Operations API


Recipes Available

Select "Recipes" from the menu to view examples of Operations in use.

Types of Operations

There are two primary types of Operations:

  1. Stream Integrated Operations
  2. Post-Processing Operations

Stream Integrated Operations

Stream Integrated Operations are run in real-time on all applicable data for specific sources. They bring additional value to filtering (such as Location Inference). Stream Integrated Operations add additional fields to Metadata's "enrichment." section.

Give a Stream Integrated Operation a try with a recipe!

Post-Processing Operations

Post-processing Operations can be run on any Query from Search API or using Operations API directly. By adding the Operations section to your query, you have a wealth of Operations that you can apply to the results.

    "operations": [
            "name": "concat",
            "destination_path": "content.timeline",
            "parameters": {
                "fields": [
                "separator": "_"