Operations API

Get any data enriched with the Datastreamer Pipeline's Operations

Operations API

The Operations API allows you to enrich any documents with Operations available under "Integrated Operations".


Compatible Sources

Operations API is available for any document.

Background & Prerequisite

  • You must have a valid ApiKey from DataStreamer
  • It is helpful to be familiar with our Search API

Endpoint Details

EndpointTypeDescriptionExample Use Cases
Post Documents and Run OperationsPOSTThe Operations endpoint enables the user to post documents and run specified operations upon those documents.- Running PII redaction on content to ensure compliance. - Running Sentiment on social content. - Applying categorization on a set of document content. - Transforming multiple fields into specific outgoing fields.
Add Secret for External OperationsPOSTSecrets endpoint enables user to add their own API Keys to use with external operations that require third-party authentication- Running Open AI models on content


Multiple Operations

You can run multiple Operations at a time.

In addition to documentation guides, you can see all available operations using:

curl --location --request GET 'https://api.platform.datastreamer.io/api/operations/contracts/' \
--header 'apikey: client-api-key'

See how to use it: