Schema API

Datastreamer primarily relies on the JSON schemas that need to be managed by the developers incorporating Datastreamer API's into their applications.

Create Schema from Posted JSONPOSTThis endpoint enables developers to generate Datastreamer-validated schema from the posted JSON.
Update Schema from Posted JSONPUTAny existing schema can be updated by passing the relevant updated parameters in the request body.
Gets all Schemas Associated with ApiKeyGETEach API Key is associated with a unique client based on which all associated schemas are extracted using this endpoint.
Validate Schema from Posted JSONPOSTCertain validation rules are applied over each schema before posting or updating. This endpoint validates the schema as per the applied validation rules.
Deactivate SchemaDELETEThis endpoint deactivates any existing schema based on the provided schema name.
Retrieves Schema by NameGETThis endpoint retrieves the schema details by provided schema name.
Reactivate SchemaPUTAny deactivated schema can be reactivated through this endpoint.
Get Schema by Request IDGETThis endpoint retrieves the entire schema details as per the provided ID.
Get All SchemasGETAll available schemas under the relevant API key are retrieved using this endpoint.
Retrieve Schema StatusGETThe schema is either enabled or disabled and can be queried by using this endpoint.
Get Request against SchemaGETGets all requests associated with a given schema.