Starting in Sandbox

Limitations and capabilities of the Sandbox Tier

If you have just created an account at, welcome! Your account is, by default, set to the free Sandbox tier.

Getting Started

After logging into Portal, your API key is listed under "My API Keys"

You can use the API key to access the Datastreamer platform in a number of ways!

A great way to get started is with the Search API, the simplest of the APIs.

Available Functionality

Sanbox provide The following functionality is available within the Sandbox Tier:

API EndpointsData SourcesOperations
Search APISample Sources (List)Concat
Count APIFormat
i18n Language Shorthand

Additional elements and functionality listed in the Catalog or this Documentation are only available to other paid tiers of the Platform. If you wish to do a deeper evalution, please see the "Upgrade Request" section below.

Upgrade Request

The Datastreamer team can upgrade your account and provide credit for a deeper assessment of the Datastreamer platform. To receive a temporary upgrade, reach out to your account manager. If you have not yet met your account manager, you can open a support ticket through email: [email protected]


A Sandbox account is the perfect way to understand the Datastreamer platform in a limited version.